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2016 Berlin Marathon: Kenenisa Bekele on the Oromo protests


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We asked running the Ethiopian legend (who is Oromo) how he feels about the protests taking place at races around the world, including at the Rio Olympics, against the Ethiopian government. 

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  • Bilisuma Added Obviously language barrier is one of the contributing factor for Kenenisa's disgraceful interview. But at the root of it is also interest to protect his property from the vultures seating in Ethiopian palace. How else can he dismiss the bravery of young athlets like Feyiesa as well as the brutal repression in Ethiopia? He insinuated that athlete selection is biased to favor some and it is not based on competence. He certainly sees something wrong in this although he attributes the wrong decision to incompetence. The fact that he lacks courage to criticize the vengeful woyanies might be forgiven because not everyone is brave. But his comment about woyanie, the same brutal group that is busy killing peaceful protesters, as decent regime that is trying to address public concerns is unforgetable and unforgivable. He would have done himself and his fans a favour by not commenting. His willingness to come out as a badly trained PR for woyanie will be something that he will live to regret.
  • Firiehiwot Added You did this due your fear of torture back to Ethiopia
  • Fan an s n Added What is Poltics ? If sport and poltics is different. Why you blame Feyisa I mean by doing these you "kenenesa" involve in poltics. You support TPLF. These time this party is murderer and the leaders are all wanted. You should know these before. We will wait what Haile say in near future he better keep quite.
  • John achilles Added Are you kidding me! Just there were only one sentence you can summarize your answers "selfisha ". The fact is in the moment (the moment that you are vomitting) a lot of people get killed. And better to now as you killed ethiopian (oromo people specifically) those who are asylum seekers in germany.
  • fuck Kenenisa Added shut your mouth . you know what is going in Ethiopia (Amhara and oromia Regine ). you should have to protest also. you say "the Ethiopian government is trying to solve the problem". The only problem in Ethiopian is the government. WE NEED FREEDOM...FREEDOM...FREEDOM...FREEDOM........