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#Ethiopia | FBC - የኢህአዴግ ነባር ታጋዮች በወቅታዊ ጉዳይ ዙሪያ ከፋና ብሮድካስቲንግ ኮርፖሬት ጋር ያደረጉት ቆይታ


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  • Million Added Here is the dilemma: let's say you're the prime minister and other "revolutionary Democrats" that have really good intentions and choose genuine diplomacy. However, lets say you have other corrupt leaders and bureaucrats that you depend on to run the country, that also have an interest in perpetuating the status quo. Some of the corrupt may even be high ranking military officials or multi-millionaire civil officials facilitating multi-billion dollars operations.

    One can imagine the level of difficulty faced in trying to get rid of the bad apple within. The good may not even survive a day if it gets on the way of the billion dollars hustle.

    I spent many years supporting the current government because I for a fact know that there are good apples within. Just recently I realized how powerful and hopelessly embedded the folks with ulterior motives are.

    How can you rid the system of cancer that has spread everywhere without a revolution?

    All in all, I say lets not think of the goverment or the opposition as a single entity. Neither one can make a single decision as a single entity, be it war or peace.
  • Girmay G/mariam Added hisbaachin eske meche new yemisedebew?

    ke zemenaat befit ambeta temegabii, zaree bageraachin metew egnaa yenaaqnewu neger birqi honobachew sinooruu, ende sew sinayaachew banenu.

    yihee degimoo yenequu asmeselaachew, ennaam zirfiyaa tayyachewu.

    ambetaa mebilaatuu qertoo, hizbiin huwaalaa qer maletu metaa?

    Afer sayiker wede Tigiray indaal chaanki, balegee
  • Yehouanes Fantahun Added Stel u layyyyyy
    Banda ye Banda zere
    Huwala kere ante ena MESELE nefse gedaye ye TPLF gwoadegnoche enje ye Ehiopia hezbe Huwalker aydeleme
    Wededkeme telaheme leferde tekerbalehe.
  • Asemahagne abebe Added Both of them are the most corrupt individuals some times they are EHADEG and sometimes they are TPLF fascistic groups members ,what they saying on this video it's nothing but insulting our intelligences who are they now both are tigrayan and they trying to blame it on the new generations such called EHADEG groups ,if is that what they trying to do I will laugh at them for the rest of my life ,there is no EHADEG never been it'was only shadow of TPLF that is what EHADEG means why they don't talk about who controls the economy and such called the Ethiopian army? Frame 60,high ranking generals 58 of them from one minority ethnic groups what is that ? Because they can not find any ethnic groups who trying to be army ? If is that what they saying then they are liars before and they are liars now
  • Getha Added These people have no feeling guilty what they have done still they do crime, lie ....even still they talk what completely they don't know...
  • Mohammed Added What's full of lie your government never been democrate killing your own nation full of corruption you must step dawn
  • v9MMfr Added yemn kedet new,,,yelem yetegray yebelaynet?esti sent balesltanat ,,sent generals colonels banks,gumruk baleseltanat beyekelelu manew yetesegesegew,,,zemedamoch tegray tewlajoch yageritu habt yalemenem tekotatari yemibelu,,,esti yenantew etv sele tor hayloch hospital yezegebewn documentery film meleseh eyew,,,,all expertes all all,,interviws sisetu ayche andem enkwan yelela beher alneberem,,,mnew lelaw altemarem?beku aydelem? ::::shame on u....ewnetu edeza new watut, hezbu bemanem altenesasam miyayew new yenanten gelt adlo zeregnenet ahuem ayhonem,,,eferu ahu edezi setaweru....dem mefases medenew,,,kemot maleshal nuro eyanorkegn...yefeses endegorf...yezane ekul nen adelo aynorem,,yenem yantem new mifesew,,,,,selezi musikahen keyer ,,ewnetun tawkewaleh,,meret lay yalewn